2020 Candidates Announced For New Burn Valley Ward

Labour have announced their three candidates standing in the Burn Valley Ward for the 2020 all-out elections when the new boundary changes will be implemented.


From May 2020, Burn Valley ward will be changing.

The Cornwall Street area from Blakelock Gardens to Oxford Road will no longer be a part of the Burn Valley ward and will instead join Foggy Furze.

The LGBC recommendation also means the Burbank community and Church street area will become part of the Burn Valley ward, previously being part of the Headland and Harbour ward.

The Burn Valley Labour branch are also pleased to announce their candidates for next year's all-out election where the ward will elect 3 Councillors...

Jonathan Brash, Jaime Horton & Dave Hunter 

Each candidate kindly provided us with a statement:

"It was a privilege to represent the Burn Valley Ward for ten years and in that time I was honoured to work with community groups, residents’ associations and local people on a range of key priorities for our area. Together we brought record investment to the Burn Valley Gardens, implemented major regeneration projects like Baden Street, supported the development of vital community assets like St Matthew’s Hall, introduced traffic measures to make our streets safer, tackled rogue landlords that blight the ward and worked to combat crime and antisocial behaviour. Now I’m looking forward to continuing that work once more, supporting local people and fighting for our area to make it a safer, cleaner and more prosperous place for all residents. There are major challenges ahead but I believe by working together we can, and will, overcome them. Thank you." - Jonathan Brash

"I have lived in the burn valley ward for over 2 decades. I'm a mother of twin boys, and I have served in Her Majesty's Armed Forces for over 10 years. I have been working within the new constituency boundary area Burbank community for the last 19 months, working within the community helping set up many much needed resources like the Hartlepool Baby Bank, Creative Minds NE and Facilitating the Burbank Community Centre Walk & Clean. I have been heavily involved with the Burn Valley ward: I am the chair of the Burn Valley events team, I am also the Treasurer of Hartlepool Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club and a Team member of the People's Community Project and involved in the Hartlepool Field of remembrance display." - Jaime Horton

"It has been an honour to serve the residents of Burn Valley for the last three years, many of whom I have come to know as friends, and it is my ardent hope that this service can continue for the foreseeable future. Together we have worked to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour, littering and domestic abuse. It has been a privilege to support the amazing work of the Burn Valley North residents association including the Burn Valley Fun Day, which saw our great community come together. Burn Valley Gardens must not be the ‘forgotten park’ and I will fight for more investment to make it the place it should be for all residents. My commitment to the people of Burn Valley is to ensure we receive support we deserve from our council to ensure our streets are both safe and clean for all." - Dave Hunter


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