Ann Marshall, Labour Candidate for Seaton.


The role of councillor should not be seen as a job, but as a civil duty to the people of your ward.

That said, similarities can be drawn between the election process and the hiring of a member of staff, although different scales apply and elections generally impact more people.

With this in mind, I'd like to offer a brief record of my experience, accomplishments and promises for the people of Seaton to review and consider when voting at the coming by election:

I have lived and worked in Hartlepool all my life, have 17 years experience of working with community and voluntary groups across Hartlepool, and have 8 years experience as a HBC Councillor where I held the highest attendance record while maintaining my day job. During this time I took part in the following (this list is NON EXHAUSTIVE ):-
-Scrutiny Co-ordinating Committee/Working Groups
-Constitution Committee/Working Group
-Regeneration & Planning Committee/Working Group
-Adult & Community Services/Working Group
-Full Council
-Ward Surgeries
-Chair of the Sure Start South Advisory Group
-Chair of Brierton Comprehensive
-Governor of Brinkburn 6th Form
-Governor of Rossmere Primary Schoool
-Chair of South Neighbourhood Consultative Forum chair of Police & Community Safety Forum
-Police Visual Audits
-Building Schools for the future/Working Group
-I secured over £2 million funding for the following:-
Jutland Play Area, Skate Park and a Multi Use Games Area
-I was Secretary of the Friends of Rossmere Park and organised the Summer Carnival, Ghost Walk and Xmas Carols Service for 11 years.

If I am elected, I will be the voice that Seaton has desperately needed while our current ward councillors have failed to accomplish anything, passed the blame, and spread lies and hysteria.

I will be active in our ward; not just on social media. I had one of the highest attendences on record last time I served on the council, unlike our current councillors who only bothered to turn up to a third of their meetings last year.

As a candidate selected by party members our ward, my duty is to represent the people of Seaton first and foremost. I will always be the voice that matters for the people of Seaton, and will always vote for what is best for our ward.


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