Celebrate our town’s history and heritage

When promoting Hartlepool to outsiders, or celebrating it within the town, we should remember where we’ve come from. The town has a rich cultural, maritime and industrial heritage, and these should be promoted. The council should ensure that there is a coherent body of work done in this sphere, to avoid a disparate and disconnected agenda.

Support community events

When people organise fantastic events such as Hartlepool Live, Wintertide, or The Waterfront Festival, then they deserve support and recognition. The council should invest financially where possible, and should also offer help with the administrative and logistical burden that such events carry.

Nurture local artists

When you’ve got a beacon institution like The Northern School of Art, it’s imperative those who attend are nurtured and encouraged to use their talents and skills to benefit the local area. Investment in art and culture generates huge social and economic returns. The council should commission work and should provide artists with free or discounted Live/Work spaces in order to retain this community of artists.

Encourage art and culture in our public spaces

When artists are looking for commissions or places to showcase their talents, the council should utilise its assets to permit this. Places all around the world are turning their public spaces into cultural events in their own right. If the council adopted this approach, then its residents would enjoy their hometown even more, and there would be more tourists coming, spending their money in Hartlepool businesses.

Connect artists with resources and support

When artists are in need of accountants, consultants, business advisors, legal advice, university or education links, financial advisors and financial providers then the council should proactively seek to provide these support mechanisms. The town undoubtedly has the talent to become a real cultural beacon. The council needs to ensure this potential is realised.

Support our thriving local music scene

When musicians are well supported, local scenes thrive. The council should coordinate events and activities, as well as provide resources and support. The council needs to proactively attract outside grant funding, and connect this with those who would best use it. Working with venues and artists together will provide for a real opportunity for progress.


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