72 Years ago today, just 12 weeks after the unconditional surrender of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Britain elected its first majority Labour Government and Clement Attlee as its prime minister. Labour had argued that after the hardships of the Second World War the British people could not return to the poverty, deprivation and lack of opportunities of the past – the nation deserved a society worthy of their sacrifice.

The manifesto ‘Let Us Face the Future’ pledged to destroy the five evil giants of want, squalor, disease, ignorance and unemployment.

Under Labour’s first majority government, though bombed, exhausted and penniless, Britain invested in its future and the Labour Party founded our welfare state.

For the first time, Britain’s government took responsibility for looking after the well-being of every citizen.

The reforms were designed to take care of the British people 'from the cradle to the grave’ and introduced amongst other things; statutory sick pay, free education, 1 million new homes, old age pensions for all, and our NHS!


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