Tuesday, April 7, 2020

With a total population of more than 7,700 residents the Ward is to the North of the town and includes Hart Station, the King Oswy Drive area, West View and the area surrounding the hospital. It contains some fantastic facilities which include the newly named Centre for Creative Arts on King Oswy Drive, a new nursing care facility in Jones Rd. which is to be named De Bruce Court and Miers Avenue now houses the Northern Hub library.

Other features of the ward include a golf course, a lovely coastal walk and the hospital. There are a number of smaller shopping areas, doctors’ surgeries and post offices which make the ward self sufficient and the recently developed pub sites have and will make a positive enhancement to those areas which have looked dilapidated for a long time.

Falling within the 5% most deprived wards nationally De Bruce Ward faces a number of challenges but also boasts a number active voluntary and community groups who provide valuable services to the community. De Bruce Ward Labour Party keep striving to continue the improvements across our whole ward.

Ward Councillors

Brenda Harrison

Ward: De Bruce

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Stephen Thomas

Ward: De Bruce

  01429 865998
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Branch Officers

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Branch Secretary

Rachel Creevy