On Friday the 19th of July Hartlepool CLP voted to send a motion calling for a Green New Deal to the Labour Party conference. Just as Britain and the North led the world into the first industrial revolution, now we must lead the way into a carbon free era to limit climate breakdown and protect our planet for future generations.

A Green New Deal will benefit our country and our planet in so many ways:

- Britain will become self-sufficient in terms of energy and fuel, freeing us from toxic relationships with questionable states in unstable regions.

- The massive fiscal impetus will drive our economy forward, generating new well paid jobs, and stimulating growth across whole sectors.

- British companies will find themselves at the forefront of new renewable technologies, ripe for export across the globe.

- We will be able to hold our heads up high knowing that we are leading the way into a safer, more stable and healthier future by doing all we can to curb the worst impacts of climate breakdown.

Sir David Attenborough has called climate change ‘our greatest threat’, and great threats need radical answers.

Hartlepool CLP backs the Green New Deal - will you?



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