Hartlepool Labour Party - Annual General Meeting

Last weekend (Saturday 3rd March) Hartlepool Labour Party held their Annual General Meeting in order to elect our local party officers, discuss recent motions and review our standing orders. Here's what happened...

Election of Officers:

CLP President - Chris Simmons
(outgoing Edwin Jeffries)

CLP Vice President - Ann Marshall
(outgoing Chris Simmons)

CLP Vice President (Membership) - Geoff Crannage
(outgoing Allan Barclay)

CLP Secretary - Anth Frain
(outgoing Martin Dunbar)

CLP Treasurer - Marjorie James

CLP Women's Officer - Julie Clayton
(outgoing Carol Clinton)

CLP Youth Officer - Lewis Allen
(outgoing Shay Miah)

Communications Officer / Procedures Secretary - Tom Cook
(outgoing n/a / Allan Barclay)

Political Education Officer - Ian McMillan
(outgoing Steve Thomas)

Equalities Officer - Carl Richardson
(outgoing Yousuf Khan)

Trade Union Liaison Officer - Edwin Jeffries
(outgoing Steve Williams)

Asst. Secretary - Dan McGovern
(outgoing Anth Frain)

Asst. Treasurer - Alan Clark

Election of Labour Group (Council) Observers:

- Chris Simmons
- Anth Frain (exec.)
- Tom Cook
- Edwin Jeffries
- Steve Williams
- Moss Body

Thanks again to all of the outgoing officers for their hard work!

Motions passed:

- Hartlepool Constituency Labour Party moved that their monthly GC Meetings are now to be held on every third Friday of the month at 18:00 to accommodate our MP Mike Hill.

- Hartlepool Constituency Labour Party agreed that the land where the Hartlepool Hospital is located should not be used for general housing and that any development should be for health and social care purposes.

- Hartlepool Constituency Labour Party calls upon the National Labour Party and Trade Union movement to lead a national campaign highlighting this unfolding crisis in children's services funding and to combat the devastating impact it is having on vulnerable children. The CLP also call upon the national Labour Party to make the development of properly funded and resourced Local Authority based children’s social care services a core commitment and pledge in the run up to the next General Election.

- Hartlepool Constituency Labour Party will encourage all women to attend the Unison Women's Event to celebrate International Women's Day at Christ Church on Thursday 8th March at 17:00.

Thanks again to all that attended and apologies to those that were cropped out or missed the group photo. We're looking forward to a strong and prosperous year ahead, moving forward as a united movement.

#ForTheMany #HartlepoolLabourParty

P.S keep an eye out for our manifesto "For The Many, For You" which we'll be posting through your letterbox in coming weeks!


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