The Labour Party in Hartlepool has attacked plans by some councillors to reduce the support the council offers to the poorest pensioners in Hartlepool.

The proposal, which would effectively double the amount some pensioners pay, was put forward by Christopher Akers-Belcher and the Socialist Labour Party, along with their Tory/Brexit Party colleagues, would impose a devastating council tax hike on the poorest pensioners and families.

A Labour Party spokesperson said:

“This is morally repugnant and nothing short of a disgrace. The suggestion that the best way to balance the budget is on the shoulders of those who have worked hard, paid their taxes and our now retired shows a breath-taking lack judgement and compassion.

The Tory/Brexit coalition and the Akers-Belcher Socialist Labour Party are suggesting that those on pension credit, the poorest pensioners in our town, pay more, while refusing to end the free booze for councillors, end their expenses or the cut limo for the Mayor. That says everything about their priorities.

The track record of this coalition is clear, they want to increase your allotment fees, they want to charge you extra to take your bins away, they want to spend millions on vanity projects, they want to hike your council tax and they want to keep their free perks.

Hartlepool residents are sick of the waste, sick of the same old failed leadership, sick of the electoral betrayal – it is time for change. We need radical innovation to grow our local economy, generate revenue and foster regeneration of our town.

Hartlepool Labour does not support punishing hard pressed Hartlepool residents, least of all our pensioners and families and we call on all right minded councillors to vote this proposal down at the earliest opportunity.”


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