Protecting our vital services from national cuts

Since the vicious austerity agenda was introduced by the Tories in 2010 Hartlepool has seen £45 million cut from its budget, this has had a devastating impact on services including social care. Hartlepool Labour is committed to fighting these cuts and doing everything we can to protect the most vulnerable, whether young or elderly, in our town.

Continuing to deliver good and outstanding services

Our track record is one of success and despite these unwarranted and unfair cuts, Hartlepool’s children’s social care service has been rated good with outstanding features and we are proud of the incredible work that of our staff.

Provide a professional academy for care workers

But as the cuts continue and demand grows we need to do more to ensure that we can maintain and develop these services; key to this is innovation. This can include technological advancements and restructuring of service provision, as well finding better ways of delivering relationship-based care.

Delivering high quality care is dependent on having outstanding staff and we are lucky to have amazing staff in Hartlepool. To ensure this continues we intend to provide a professional academy for care workers.

Create a locally owned care cooperative

Innovation in service delivery will also be in line with our values and we want to ensure that our social care is for local people, by local people. To this end we will create a locally owned care co-operative that will bring together Hartlepool’s talent and skill to support Hartlepool people.

Helping people stay in their own homes & support independent living

Finally, we believe the best place for our elderly and vulnerable is, where possible, there own home surrounded by their family. We want people to stay in their own homes that they have worked a lifetime for and will focus on making people able to live indepently.

The measure of any society is how it cares for and supports its most vulnerable and we want a social care system that puts dignity and quality at the heart of everything it does. We will accept nothing less.


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