In line with the national Party's commitment to online engagement and the momentum (lowercase 'm') gained from the 2017 General Election, Hartlepool Labour Party has since been putting steps in place to bring its online presence up to speed.

Members of the Labour Party in Hartlepool have developed the party's online presence in recent months, educating other members and elected officials on how to navigate and interact with people using social media.

This is part of a broader initiative for elected Labour representatives in Hartlepool to be more accessible and available to their electorate. We recognise that the majority of people use social media and find that it's an easy and efficient means of communication.

Our MP Mike Hill has led by example, updating members of his constituency on a regular basis using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This allows people to interact with Mike and keep up to date with what he is doing in Parliament.

As a flagship of this initiative, Hartlepool Labour Party have developed a website to allow the electorate and members to keep up to date with what is happening.


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